Services & Features

In continuation of its commitment to providing high quality, enhanced services to its users, Information Technology Center is pleased to announce the quota upgrade of secure web enabled access to the KFUPM filer. This powerful service of web enabling filer access uses Web browsers to access a consistent, easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for everyday tasks. The facility simplifies the task of filer access and frees the user from tasks like mapping network drives as was the case previously. File download and upload via web are some of the many features of this service.

Users can now access and control their online storage space on the filer from virtually anywhere over the internet from any browser for efficiently using their assigned space.

Simple and Intuitive User Interface

The web enabling of filer access serves as the primary interface to undertake tasks ranging from file upload/download, folder creation and file rename. This service eliminates the need to learn special languages or command-line interfaces to configure and maintain directory space. With only a Web browser, users can access the point-and-click GUI and navigate through the screens to perform tasks.

The secure mode ensures that authorization sessions are kept strictly private when executed over the KFUPM network.

Access via web and Network drive mapping

Faculty, Staff and Students can store data up to 5 GB with the new enhanced quota limit on their KFUPM Filer account. The online access form anywhere over the Internet is an added advantage while protecting your data even in case of PC breakdowns. Users with their computers in KFUPM domain can access this storage directly as a network drive and also over the web. Users can continue to map the network drive, if needed.